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Our Story

Zotidy is a new company formed in 2018 based in the Metro Atlanta area.  We are dedicated to making Zotidy the number #1 commercial cleaning service in the metro Atlanta area and beyond.  Our employees are experienced and professionally trained and have over 10 years of cleaning experience and undergo an intensive background check, which means your home will be more than taken care of and in the hands of trustworthy people. We want to show our clients the best customer service and quality of work because we truly care about making sure that our clients have the best of the best. 


Here at Zotidy, we have a mission and desire to meet our client’s needs with a 100% guarantee on all services.


Our mission is to refresh our customer’s homes by delivering exceptional and consistent quality services. We are committed to continuously improving and innovating our services to ensure that we do everything we can to help our customers have the best quality of life possible.


Less time cleaning means more time for our clients to do what makes them live their best life.  We are guided by our three core values:


1.  Respect  2. Passion 3. Quality


We respect our client’s homes, wants and needs while having a true passion for what we do.  Our passion and work ethic will assure that we will provide nothing less than the best quality in every service we provide.



Our dedication to providing excellent customer service along with new ways to innovate the cleaning business is what sets us apart from any other company.  We care about you, your needs, and your home.  We are excited to get started on servicing your home’s needs.  Visit our contact us page for a free quote!

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