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Exhaust Hood System Cleaning

Professional cleaning services designed to keep your kitchen in perfect shape!

Looking to have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned? Need a professional team to help eliminate all grease buildup and conduct regular maintenance on your hood vent? We can help you!

At Zotidy Residential and Commercial Cleaning, we provide Kitchen Exhaust system cleaning services to restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and eateries designed to help clear out grease buildup and eliminate fire hazards. As experienced experts, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and tools to thoroughly inspects, scrape and clean your hood vent to ensure that all nooks and crannies are properly cleared. We understand the dangers that come with clogged exhaust vents and we strive to ensure that each client we work with get the excellent results they require.

Why you need our services

Did you know that a large number of kitchen fires are caused by clogged or improperly cleaned vents? Are you aware that ineffective exhaust system in your kitchen is a big health risk to you and your staff? In the event of catastrophic fires that are caused by grease buildup, any insurance claim filed could be rejected if you have neglected your kitchen exhaust system.

At Zotidy Residential and Commercial Cleaning, our job is to make sure that this never happens. Hood vents are designed to help eliminate fumes and grease that emanate from your kitchen. Over time, this grease tends to condense inside of the exhaust leaving behind residues and sludge that eventually become fire hazards. This buildup coupled with an overheating fan could result in sparks that cause a fire. With us, you get a one-stop service that delivers a personalized cleaning offering to your business.

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Let us help you maintain the highest standards of safety

Hood Vent cleaning is required by law and is necessary for your kitchen if you want to comply with the health and safety standards. At Zotidy Residential and Commercial Cleaning, we schedule your cleaning depending on the frequency of cooking you do and the intensity of fumes that the vent handles. From annual cleaning for seasonal and low cooking operations to quarterly/monthly cleaning for high-volume cooking operations, we deliver the perfect inspection/cleaning service.

Our team consists of trained professionals, bringing you all of the expertise and technical know-how you need in one place. We offer a wide range of services including maintenance and installation of faulty components in your hood vent making us your reliable partners for complete exhaust system care. Unmaintained exhaust systems could cause your business huge problems in the long run. Aside from the fire hazard, a total replacement could be very expensive.


Why wait till your hood vent becomes totally damaged and clogged when you can keep all of its components in top-notch shape with a reliable and efficient cleaning service? Let’s help you ensure that your hood vent is compliant with the safety standards.

We only use premium degreasers

Our certified technicians know what's needed to keep your exhaust system running like new! 

Extra care

Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning service is designed to ensure that your entire hood vent remains perfectly functional and safe. We bring you a wide range of services including;

Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement

A faulty and broken fan belt can prevent your exhaust system from performing at optimal levels. The vent is critical for keeping the indoor air clean and breathable while eliminating odors from your kitchen. A weak or faulty fan belt will break with time and result in a serious disruption of your day-to-day activities.

At Zotidy Residential and Commercial Cleaning, we help business owners keep their systems running by conducting regular inspections and replacement of faulty fan belts to ensure that it never fails.

Filter Cleaning

Is your kitchen smoky, filled with fumes or covered in grease? Your filter may need cleaning!

We offer a customized service that helps you clean your heavy filters on-site and clean off all grease buildup.

Clogged filters can affect proper ventilation while driving up electricity costs. With us, you get fast, responsive and experienced hands who understand exactly what needs to be done!

Filter Exchange

Need to have your filters replaced? Our technicians are always on-hand to switch faulty filters with clean and functional ones. We always recommend that our clients maintain a properly cleaned and well-serviced exhaust system. But in the event that your filters are deteriorating, you can always count on us to bring you the replacement and installation services needed to get your hood vent up and running.

Grease Trap Cleaning


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