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Fogging Disinfecting  Service

Disinfect your business with our effective misting service

Viruses and other contaminants are easily spread through contact, droplets, and moisture. Let us help safeguard your business location and office spaces with an effective disinfectant option that kills all germs and brings your clientele the peace of mind they need.

At Zotidy, we offer an efficient Disinfecting Fogging/ Misting Service, that enables business owners thoroughly sanitize their locations while ensuring that no area/spot is left unsterilized.

Specifically designed to perform in both enclosed areas and large outdoor spaces, our misting service is an excellent way to get a guarantee of total sterilization as we use a disinfectant mist that immediately covers the applied area.

We use top-notch machines and equipment for the best results

Our fogging machine and misting solutions are carefully selected in order to ensure that we deliver nothing but excellence. We use high-quality resources in order to ensure that even difficult-to-reach places are effectively sterilized with absolutely no chance of germ and virus survival. By dispersing our visible fog into the designated area, you get a workplace that is intensively disinfected with our virus-defeating solution embedded within the mist.

With every project we handle, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We achieve this by working along with your instructions and using only the best materials to ensure that the final result is a space that is safe for use.

Get the best results with our disinfectant fogging solution

Specially formulated for whole room surfaces and approved for non-food and pre-cleaned areas, our fogging solution is safe and kills off viruses on contact.


  •       Non-soaking/staining solution

  •       Dry mist with no wipe or rinse required

  •       Kills off 99.99% of bacteria and eliminates all contaminants it comes in contact with

  •       Reaches into corners and crevices that wipes cannot

  •       Non-bleach and unscented formula

  • ·     Kills off contaminants existing in droplet and aerosol form

Safe, non-toxic and effective

Deadly viruses like the coronavirus and even day-to-day bacteria can easily be spread through sneezing, coughing, or airborne droplets. Our safe and effective disinfectant mist functions by coating your surfaces with mists that instantly kills any present contaminant. We use environmentally friendly solutions that allow your business to resume uninterrupted while creating a safe, healthier and virus-free space.

Give your customers and employees the rest of mind they need

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you definitely want to create a healthy environment for your customers and employees. By letting your customers know that you use our disinfecting services, you are informing them that your business prioritizes their well-being and are committed to ensuring that they are safe when they shop with you.

What’s a better way to let people know that you are ready for business than with a misting coat that prevents any kind of virus from thriving? While businesses may be reopening slowly, we want to help make sure that you come back better and stronger.

Eliminate viruses in tough to reach spaces

Don’t settle for just a washcloth and an anti-bacterial wipe. Viruses and germs can still settle in tight corners that are accessible by touch and can be easily spread without knowing. Our mist helps you get around the nook and crannies in your business location thereby ensuring that the space your employees and clientele interact and transact is completely safe. With just one application, you get a guarantee that your office is safe and ready for use.

Less effort/more results

Worried about losing time and closing down your business? We can work around that!

Our misting process takes just a few hours and we take the necessary precautions to keep your location safe. You do not have to worry about harsh chemicals getting into sensitive places as we use only eco-friendly products and have designed our service to ensure that you can resume operations within a few hours.

Our Checklist

We have designed a simple yet effective process to get maximum results for our clients. Before starting, we prepare your space for the mist following a 4-step checklist.

  •       All windows, doors, and vents will be closed

  •       All open flames should be turned off

  •       Employees, customers, pets and others will not be present while fogging is in progress

  •       Sensitive materials including artworks will be covered before we start.

That’s it! Our fogging process does not soak or leave behind toxic residues. It does leave a very light mist that functions in real-time to eliminate all contaminating bacteria.

Book an appointment now

Getting started with us is easy. Simply follow the quick 3-step process below.

  1.     Reach out to us to book an appointment directly.

  2.     We will get back to you instantly with a personalized quote and breakdown of our services

  3.     Our experts will take it from there and visit you on-site to prep and disinfect your business space.

Let’s help your business thrive in this post-Covid era by giving your customers and employees the peace of mind they need.

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